Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy turkey, mashed potaoes, green beans, apple pie day!!!!

I have been tossing and turning since about 4:30AM! ugh.
Guess thats what happens when turkey day is at your house:) It's ok though, I decided to get up at about 5:45...went in the kitchen and fired up the oven-might as well get this show goin!
Got the ole bird in the oven, made coffee, emptied the dishwasher, put my 3 loaves of bread out to "rise" and finished setting the table.
Since Im feeling a bit "ahead of the game" I thought...hmmm, maybe I should google some cool quiche' recipes?! So I did...and found one that I thought sounded soooo great! Im gonna post it for you all to enjoy, but I want to make it first and then ..IF it turns out as yum as I think it's gonna, I'll share it.
I hope you all have a beautiful Thanksgiving day with your families/friends...who ever your sharing it with!
Realize what your thankful for...I got a couple "e" cards frm friends and my sister in law...and they were really thoughtful. They said all the things they were thankful for...and I have read some on other friends blogs. Something inside told me to write down all things Im grateful for too:) Maybe writing it down, and seeing it visually will make us all see it's the little things that make the life we live so special.
Im grateful for:
a beautiful home to keep us sheltered
nice friendly neighbors that make us feel safe
the bus that picks my kids up for school
A GREAT school system
GODS grace that I need every single day
freedom to pray and go to church
healthy kids
healthy husband who loves unconditionally
good friends
my computer to stay in touch with relatives and friends
an abundance of food for my family

I could go on...but Im feeling pretty thankful:) I should do this everyday-!
love you all~

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

This...that...and Turkey!

The snow is disappearing. Makes me kinda sad...I had my house all decorated for fall- and then my little plan was interrupted by the snow. BUT...I went with it (ok...I had no choice) I took down all my corn stalks that I had so carefully placed outside on our pillars, disposed of all my white and orange pumpkins becaseu the poor little things froze, and it has been snowing since. It sounds though like it's done for a bit, and now it's raining ew! Everything is starting to look really bad. So, now Im stuck in that in between stage of no "fall" decor and I can't start Christmas yet. What is a girl to do. Im having Thanksgiving here on Thursday with my side of the family, and it would just be wierd to have Christmas stuff out. Oh well.things could be worse.:)
The kids are out of school for the rest of the week, today is the last day...(another reason snow would be good) I'll just have them help me clean the house ...everything has to be perfect! Candles burning, the house smelling like turkey you know the drill.
I said in one f my last entries that I was going to post some recipes. My brother emailed me and asked to put up a link to his e-news letter. It just happens that this news letter has lots of cool information, not only about banking and mortgages which is what he does (anyone needing a re-Fi or a new loan???) but it has RECIPES and other helpful stuff. I put the link to the news letter below. Make sure you check it out...I know you'll enjoy it.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

not be be confused...

Hi all...happy Sunday!
I changed my blog again...bear with me k! Im trying to find the exact design I want. I may have done it...finally. Just don't be confused when you check on me...and things always look different.
Were having a great day so far...the boys had their friend sleep over last night, and we all got up and went to church. We had been visiting a different church the last little while, and we really like it, but we all had to admit it felt good to be back at Rez today. You know that feeling- where it feels like you "came home" . We were planning on going to the new church today and my kids begged me to go back to Rez...they dont care for the new church so much...and they're a huge part of this decision:) The church we were visiting just doesnt have much to offer kids that are above like 11 or 12. They sit in the sanctuary with the parents and service is always 2 hours long. I love that about the church to be honest...the pastor is great...and it goes by fast, but when were at Rez, they go to a HUGE place geared for kids they here a sermon geared for them they are with kids that are all their age...they sing together, and then they hang out with teens with like minds...playing pool and mingling that way. I have a feeling were gonna stay at Rez.
Now the boys are out sledding...the snow is slowly going away:( Not for long...but it's a bit sunny here in west but still C-O-L-D !!!!!!!!!!
Next sunday we will be puuting our christmas tree up...typically thats when we do it...the first of's so fun...I make appetizer stuff, and we all drag the christmas stuff up...and the deco goes up:) Im sure the kids will say "we have to watch Elf" Their favorite movie! The one with Will's sooooo funny!
The holidays are so awesome arent they! Goin into a mall right now makes me crazy! All the Christmas music playing, the smells are so yummy!!! They lure you into buying stuff...hahaha you just cant help it right!?
I think Im gonna pop some good recipes up on my blog in the next few days, I have some really good ones...and Im willing to share:) hehe
Hope you have a great blessed and thankful!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

beautiful Florida beaches!

My babies.......spring break 2008 F-L-O-R-I-D-A

Jordan #53 football
makes my heart smile:)
and Jordan...#22 basketball.

GO 22!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Boys each brought home certificates for making honor roll for the first trimester! I couldnt find's here somewhere...and jordans certificate for football.

Tom and I and the kids went up to Silver Lake this summer and stayed a night with my brother and his family...they have a big ole' deluxe camper that they keep there in a very nice park...they actually had my kids like a whole week, and then we went one day to bring the troops home. We took a ride on the HUGE dune rides they have up there, and stopped on Lake Michigan for some "photo ops!" the baby above is my youngest niece nevaeh...she was just over a year in that picture. I snapped these of her playing in the water! so cute:)

Lexi and my parents AKA: Nana and Papa....taken at her 8th grade graduation in May 08'

Holland State Park 08'

Lex...being Lex

Adam (top) 6th grade
Jordan 7th grade