Sunday, November 9, 2008

YIKES...been a while!

whew. It has been a long time, since I posted. I think I got out of the mood, because I thought my blog was really LAME!
I figured out all on my own how to create a new look that Im pretty happy with:) tell me what you think! I even managed to find this picture of Lexi and post it. I amaze myself...for being such a techno-idiot!!!
Things have been going well, considering what happened on Nov4th. ugh. Im not gonna say anything other then that. a big ugh...even though I really wanna rant. I wont.
We have been going to a different church lately that I really like- The pastor is great, very passionate about his people, and loves GOD sooo much. We all have been enjoying it, it's called Wellspring! Anyway today the pastor talked about the election a tiny bit and basically said, that we have to pray for our new President-elect, Obama. For "such a time as this" God has placed him in this spot. Our new President. If any of you study End Times prophesy, you know what Im getting at. I really wish I knew more. I dont, but I KNEW what he was saying.
We as a nation have to stand behind this guy and support him. That does not mean though that you have to believe everything he says....stay true to your core's all gonna be ok. :)
Our friends Lori and Eric attend Wellspring too, the actually got us to attend the first time. Now were hooked:) Eric has ALS, and has been officially diagnosed for about a year and a half. They've gone through alot...more then I'll ever be able to understand. Alot of their day to day things that I take for granted is affected by ALS. Eric is now in a wheelchair, and unable to use his hands at all, nor can he walk anymore. It's strange to watch someone that you have known for such a long time, go through this. Eric left today for Washington...and was able to take their 11 year old son with him. Two men fromt heir church are taking him, bless their hearts!! Lori is kinda on "vacation" now since the day to day caring for Eric is being done by others. Please keep them in your prayers's a really tough disease to live with....and as of now, Im truly not sure who it's harder for, the person living with it, or the person that is the caretaker.
We actually had snow today! AND one of our radio stations is now playing christmas music all the time (I admit...tooooo early) but...I like to tune in now and then, and sing a tune of silver bells ya know!!!
Jordan made the basket ball team for 7th grade! I heard that there were about 33 kids that went out for the team and like 13 made it. WOW...he's been chattin with my brother ...AKA: Uncle Jason, to ask him some pointers, or talk to him about different positions, that kinda stuff. Knowing that Uncle Jas was a former high school star:) Tomorrow night is his first game....we'll see how it goes. I will be sure to post pics!!!!
Lexi starts competetive cheer tryouts On monday too after school. Supposedly it's a week long tryout, but she doesnt think it'll end up taking that long. I'll be sure to post later this week when we find out if she made it:) Lets keep our little fingers (& toes) crossed.
And Adam...nothing. His only event this week is a big birthday party/sleepover Friday night for one of his buddies. The parents are taking all the boys to some cool place, where they cook everything in front of you. Being "only" in 6th grade, sports havent started yet. (thank goodness)
ok...gotta go, Imwhipped and I have LOTS to do tomorrow. gotta paint our new computer room, the kids bathroom, and 2 walls in our master bedroom. Im tired just thinking about it!!!


Chelle said...

Love the new look!

Have fun'll have to post pics of your projects!

Anonymous said...

Awh-------what a darling, uplifting happy page.....Pix of Lex is way tooo cute, and so reminds me of just the way she is. Kind of wanna come hang out in her bedroom with her....
Jordan did amazinggggggg at his game...Considering he has only played recreationally, and made the team over many young boys that were on a traveling team....that is spectacular... I think he loves it....and I pray, he stays on it. Adams just out of football, and he'll have spring baseball, being such a scholastic freak, it's nice he can concentrate on those all A grades!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hope Lex makes it, it's so enjoyable to watch her cuteness.... Beautiful time of year, CHRISTmas approaching, Thanksgiving in just a few weeks....Oh Lord Jesus, what a ton to be grateful thankful for. Today, a time of reflection, for all the veterans and military serving to allow us the freedoms and security we all take for with a grain of salt. I admire them, and want to salute them all for their service and sacrifice. Now please, update the pix..and keep your posts reflecting your changes and families dailies..Christ is coming...Maranatha Dear Lord..xoxxo