Friday, November 21, 2008

not just another trip to pay the cable bill....

The strangest thing happened yesterday. if you know me at'll laugh, this "situation" was like a car accident, I wanted to try to not listen...but I just COULD'NT!!!!!
I was standing in line at Charter, waiting to pay my cable bill. I notice in front of me, was another mom that I had met when Lexi was in 7th grade cheer. I had talked with her several times that season, very nice lady. She was always talking about her husband, kids we all do, but she lived in this world...that I dont live in. Her husband is an executive at some company...they took exotic trips, lived in a huge home, drove beautiful cars. the whole nine yards!
We looked at each other when I walked in the building, and at first I couldnt place her. She looked familiar...
it was her turn, up to the counter she went. She blurts out..."how much do I owe to get out cable and internet turned back on?" I thought.."what did she just say?????"
She could not have said what I think she just said. NO WAY. The girl looked at her and says " a minimum of $450.00" just to turn it back on. ugh. She then says "well, this is what happens to you when your husband has an affair, and moves in with his new girlfriend." at that point I realized that not only did she say what I thought she was much much worse. She goes on to give specific details about her husband ...his new girlfiend, and the mess she's in.
I was RIVETED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She left...I was in shock.
Talk about your pride going out the window! I would have never done that! Im way to full of pride...(which is sooo bad!!) I would tell close friends but not random people in a cable office. Yet...I was fascinated by her being able to do that. There was another lady behind me...her and I were looking at each other with our mouths open like "WOW!!!!!!!"
I truly left feeling bad for this lady though. She was never the braggie type you know...she would tell me about their trips and dinner parties ...and the fur coats her husband bought her, but I never got the feeling she was showing off. It's just who she was.
She left the office and pulled out in a little car....lets just's something you would give your 16 year old as their first car. Nothing wrong with it for the most part, was shocking to see.
My point here isnt to gossip. None of you know this lady. I just want you all to realize that no matter how hard things are at home, financially or whatever...count your blessings! Sometimes we look at other people and things look so good from the outside...Ive looked at people before and thought.."their life must be so perfect!" Im sure we all have.
Be careful, who you look at, and wish you could trade lives with! You never know whats going on...inside their walls

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