Tuesday, November 25, 2008

This...that...and Turkey!

The snow is disappearing. Makes me kinda sad...I had my house all decorated for fall- and then my little plan was interrupted by the snow. BUT...I went with it (ok...I had no choice) I took down all my corn stalks that I had so carefully placed outside on our pillars, disposed of all my white and orange pumpkins becaseu the poor little things froze, and it has been snowing since. It sounds though like it's done for a bit, and now it's raining ew! Everything is starting to look really bad. So, now Im stuck in that in between stage of no "fall" decor and I can't start Christmas yet. What is a girl to do. Im having Thanksgiving here on Thursday with my side of the family, and it would just be wierd to have Christmas stuff out. Oh well.things could be worse.:)
The kids are out of school for the rest of the week, today is the last day...(another reason snow would be good) I'll just have them help me clean the house ...everything has to be perfect! Candles burning, the house smelling like turkey you know the drill.
I said in one f my last entries that I was going to post some recipes. My brother emailed me and asked to put up a link to his e-news letter. It just happens that this news letter has lots of cool information, not only about banking and mortgages which is what he does (anyone needing a re-Fi or a new loan???) but it has RECIPES and other helpful stuff. I put the link to the news letter below. Make sure you check it out...I know you'll enjoy it.


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Chelle said...

So sorry the snow is melting--and being replaced by rain! Yuck!

I say through up the Christmas decorations :)