Saturday, November 22, 2008

a little of this...a little of that:)

me eyes are really green...never realized!

2 new chairs...very "me" the pattern is so my taste! and again my kitchen table...decorated for f-a-l-l!!

I wish I could get my pictures to rotate...I try, and hit the "rotate" link but nothing happens. Oh well...just a pic of my cool kitchen rug!! haha


LEXI.....she made this dress in her fashion class! cute huh! She tried it on for us, and we thought we needed to get some pics of her first creation!

I got baking happy....think I went overboard:)

chairs....different angle. sorry you have to tilt your head to see them..


Talk about
I downoloaded all the pictures and put my first group up! I have alot more on my CD so now I can update more often. Somethin about pics with the update that just feel better to me:)
The snow has stopped for now, I think it's coming again though!? I actually think it looks kinda pretty! These pictures are outside my front door...and then looking outside into the backyard. The kids are outside sledding right now with friends! This is sooooo good for Jordan, that kid goes NUTS staying int he house! Adam is complaining that his throat hurts...(not great timing!) were having my family here for dinner on Thanksgiving. I would hate to have the "dominoe" effect ya know!
Tell me what you think of my new far theyre a hit! Tom and the kids all like them. We had this ginormous couch we got this past summer, and it just wasnt holding up. the cushions were getting way too soft for how new it was. They cam out and looked at it and agreed with me. SO the couch went back, and I had to then pick out something different. I went in for another couch...but since we have one in the living room already...a white leather couch...I thought maybe two chairs would be cool.

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