Friday, September 26, 2008

what a night!

We had the best time we have had in a while last night! WOW!
Not sure who reading this has ever seen Sandy Patti live....but I had the opportunity last night...she came to Christ Memorial church for a live concert...and she was well worth going to! I cried countless time, laughed, and saw old friends that it was sooo goood to see:)
Tom and I along with my parents went to see her together and I think I speak for us all when I say it was truly a blessing:) She has a voice that to me isnt even's competely of mom made the comment when she was singing that she thinks this is what heaven will sound like:) It was just that good! The choir from Christ Memorial were there too and they did a great was really cool...although Sandi has this voice that if you can even imagine...she drowned out their choir all by herself...I almost couldnt hear them at all. They looked really neat was a nicely put together concert! If you ever wanna hear "Via-Delarosa" sung like it's being sung by angels...get her CD!
Today Tom is off work once more...he has been having Fridays off now because he can only work 40 hours...and he gets those in in 4 days easily! So today he is doing some running around...he's frustrated...were in the same boat as lots of people out there...and this is a first for us..he has been at the same company for about 13 years, and has always had at least 50 hours minimum each week...but the norm was really about 65. and that overtime was great! this 40 hours a week...not so good.
The kids are all going to the west ottawa football game tonight at home vs. Grand Haven...and they are all looking so forward to it, maybe Tom and I will go too, it's usually really fun seeing other parents there and people we went to high school with...:)
Im really trying to keep a positive attitude toward things and not let satan get that foothold in my life. He as he always "whispers" things in my ear that I DO NOT want to hear. "how are you guys gonna make it???" you know that sort of thing. I know though that GOD is running our lives...Sandi had a really great analogy last night about just that. She talked about how she grew up in California near Disneyland. She would go...and walk form venue to venue listening to the different little musicals they perform all day every day. Her dream was to work there..performing, singing, when she was old enough. When the time came she auditioned, and felt good about it. she waitied and waited anxiously for the letter to come accepting her into the cast at Disney. Well...that letter came and she was rejected. They said "we cannot use you at this time" and she talks about being devastated. that was her dream. she put all her eggs in that disnleyland basket so to say. she went on to say...that although she didnt know, or understand at the time why God didnt help her get that "perfect" job, she accepted it. She knows why now, as do I. He had something so much greater for her...that she couldnt see. He always does...we dont know why sometimes...things happen like they do. We all have times where nothing in our carnal minds makes sense. We dont see the big picture. God always has plans mapped out for his people- dont ever lose sight of that:)
I am finally getting some pictures put up on my sight next sister is coming into town to go to my moms, and she is going to give me her assistance. yeh!
"In the reverent and worshipful fear of the Lord there is strong confidence, and his children shall always have a place of refuge" Proverbs 14:26

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

a good night:)

Is it ever gonna cool off? Good grief!! Yesterday was a hot one again-it would be lovely if it would cool off to oh myabe 65 or so....yep that would be PERFECT:)
Last night was f-ball practice for Adam but it didnt really go as planned. He came home from school and started in with saying his stomach was "killing" him. He has developed this habit each night that he has practice (because he doesnt wanna go) he comes down with an ailment of some sort. The boy got to me. If he hates this sport that much...goodness, can we just be done with it pleeeez! I had had enough of hearing him tell me how much he didnt want to go, so I said.."fine, dont go anymore...but is it fair to quit and leave your team high and dry?" He said yes. Not the answer I wanted. I left it in Toms hands from there. He was a bit unhappy...being the sport guy he is, he in fact didnt think it was ok for him to leave his team without their center. ugh.
Tom made Adam call his coach and explain why he didnt want to play anymore. Now we are talking rocket football, not the major league. But then you cant help but think to yourself that your setting him up in life to be a quitter. :(
All of these issues played in my head last night, and I decided that you have to take a different approach with each kid. Adam happens to actually not be typically that kind of person in life, a quitter. He is very determined, and finishes what he starts. He just happens to like school more then f-ball right we allowed him to focus on that.
Lex had powder puff last night...and LOVED it. Her "coach" is actually a boy another freshman that she has had a love-fest for since school started. Im sure that helps. haha
She said it was sooo much fun, brought back memories for me for sure! I know people say this all the time, but I feel like those times were just yesterday!
Not sure whats on tap for today...Im really wanting to get pictures put on this blog...I dinked with it yesterday but because Im computer stupid I didnt figure it out. Im not gonna give up...I'll get it.
Im also gonna start putting up deco ideas...I hit someones blog yesterday and she was unreal! A real life Martha Stewart living in Grand Rapids...she took pics of her kids perfectly put together lunches that she prepared...complete with cherry tomatoes, carrots, yogurt, peanut butter "sushi" wraps!!!!!! WHAT!!!!!!!???? yep...she took a grain bread, flattened it out with a rolling pin, spread peanut butter on it...and wrapped it up like a sushi roll. and this lunch was prepared in a tupppware looking container with 4 perfectly positioned holders she bought that looked like rubber cupcake wrappers. you know the paper you put in the cupcake pan to bake them in??? they were those only rubber. This was the perfect lunch. I feel so inferior!!! haha This woman also says how she just "whipped up" a girls fort one night when her 2 girls were sleeping, she sowed this tee-pee looking tent that was hot pink, from the ceiling to the floor...complete with window coverings...etc. it was soooo cute! She just "whipped this thing up!!!" yeh. She had it all prepared int he morning for them when they woke up. It was soooooo dang cute! she's now my hero. haha
Im a bit influential that way, when I saw Sarah Palin for the first time, I wanted to go out and get cool glasses and extensions in my hair and whip it back in a cute sarah hair bun....:)
I hope you all have a great day. My daughter came up with this quote that I thought was really great. Not that she thought of it..she may have seen it somewhere Im not sure....but regardless the quote says:

"Dont make someone a priority, when they make you an option"


Tuesday, September 23, 2008

credit crisis...I need to rant a bit...

Oh boy. I watched Oprah today. Told myself I wasnt going to watch her anymore due to some things that I have been learning about her, things I have been told by our pastor at church clips he has played about her talking about Jesus Christ not being the only way to Heaven. I got sucked in...because she had Suzie Orman on..(not a fan of her either really...she scares me!) anyway...they are talking about the whole downfall that is going on with the credit crunch. This world is going crazy! They brought up a GREAT point. People my age (36) or around my age...are making purchases whether that come in the form of cars, homes, clothes, etc...that they CANNOT afford. We all want to put on this front to make other people THINK that we are high rollers...and "oh look how great were doing over here!" Its all so true! I have come to this conclusion....IM OVER IT!!!! No one is doing themselves any favors by buying things they cant afford. It might feel good now, to get all these new things...but it's just not worth it.
When I was small, I remember my parents and our neighbors all growing gardens and hanging clothes out on the line to dry...driving cars that were not exactly "showroom" if you know what I mean. My mom made some of my clothes, canned fruit and veggies, made meals at home..and wasnt able to just go out and buy all this crap that people now days do. We are all sucked up into this trap. You had to earn things back SAVED up for a SAVED up for school clothes you didnt just buy buy buy buy because your beady little eyes wanted something.
My generation doesnt live this way. Myself included...Im certainly not picking on anyone! Im so guilty. I know people that are 25 years old...and they are living in homes that are $450,000 and it's there first home!!!!!!!!!! what the heck! You know why they do? because they are extended beyond anything anyone can imagine...they have beautiful clothes, gorgeous cars...and it all looks so good! what is going on behind closed doors? This whole trend is disgusting....we all need to put things in order of importance RIGHT NOW....she just said on TV that we are in a cash economy now...if you have great credit....doesnt one is giving out loans. Use this time to pay off your loans....dont purchase things you cannot afford. To me, the word :afford" is having a whole new meaning. The word now to me have no debt, your bills are paid...and you can go to target and get that new rug...or whatever you may want. If you have unpaid bills...or credit cards you have no right (my opinion) to go buy anything extra. Stop living in your flesh...who cares what people think of you right!? If it means your sanity...your marriage...your happiness, stop buying, and just say NO...Im not putting my families happiness in jeapordy because I WANT something new. It's just so stupid!
I dont mean to have a negative tone here...but this whole world to me is just gone nuts! We have to take a step back and stop trying to impress people with our stuff. no one cares.

Im back...

Well...I've been gone a while! Time flies huh!
I was so excited to finally have my own blog, and was pumped to get my new entries in~ and then I kinda had a little pitty party for myself thinking " no one is even reading my blog, why am I doing this?" I had a few loyals but I wanted to be the popular the feeling you have when your in high school and have to be in the popular group. You know the feeling right??? It's been 18 years this past June, since I graduated from west ottawa! I cannot believe this! Im getting more wrinkles just thinking about that statistic.
My sister wrote me this morning and asked me why Im not posting to the blog anymore, after I answered her back, she said to use it as a diary of here I am. point taken.
I ran into a guy I used to go to high school with at the paint store this past weekend...Dan Kender...he was the "cool guy" in high school. He's now a holland police was so good to see him! My ego was boosted a bit because he actually recognized me right away, he came up to me, and said "hey Heather...oh my gosh it's been so long!" I could not believe he recognized me! I had long, platinum...drugstore dyed blonde hair all through high school, and I was skinny! And now...well...shorter hair...darker..and Im .......hmm, the skinny thing~ not so much.
I wanted to hug him for knowing who I was! Nothing is more humiliating then when you see someone from back in the day...and you know them and they give you the look of..."whats your name again?" ugh.
Tom got his hours cut at work...for the first time ever. Im on the verge of crying:(
We all know the song and dance about the economy being so rough right now...but up to this point it really had not effected us. In a way it'sa good thing (thats a wierd thing to say huh!) I say that because it gives me more compassion toward others who are struggling. If it doesnt affect you personally, typically people dont care about it. I had a bad weekend...worrying, fear set in....(thats totally of God right!) no.
But...I have been praying and talking toGod, and he has covered me with a peace that has truly blanketed me. thats the only thing it could be...God giving me peace! Im so thankful.
Lexi is having the best time this year being a freshman...she's had lets see....a couple boyfriends come and go...and has made so many friends already ...alot of them come from not only meeting new girls and guys...but reconnecting with old friends. She is happy...content....strong (way more then I was at that age!!!!) secure, confident, and turning itno a young woman. Im so proud of her. She seems to have a head on her shoulders that is beyond her age. She's getting ready to play powder puff football for homecoming week and is having waaay too much fun! haha We finally broke down and got her a cell phone, it came UPS and Tom was outside when it came and came walking in the house, holding a box...she was sitting at the counter and said "whats that???" He grinned and said Im not sure, something that say "razor" and it's hot pink...hhhmmm....
she instantly knew...and screamed ...and then cried! wow...I didnt see that coming!
Just to share a bit with you about her...Lexi had the most awesome elem. school years. She was very excited for middle school, but when she got there she just didnt fit. Im still not sure why. She claims it's because she was a dork~ I never saw it. She left and went to calvary and didnt fit there either. Then went to Zeeland for 8th grade....she did great scholastically and friend wise...ummm, made a few.
We decided that school is the same no matter where you cant escape the mean girls...they are everywhere! I could go on and on, but long story short...she's back at west ottawa, and it's wonderful! She does a bit better with older kids...and loves hanging out with guys...she's says there not "catty" like girls. hahaha I have to agree.
Jordan is awesome ...he is changing and growing and acting a bit more mature. He still has his ADD moments. Not that he has ever been diagnosed with ADD (I wouldnt allow it!) but...he still doesnt have alot of sit in him. He is playing football for 7th grade and could not possibly love it more! He's actually bummed when practice is over at night...he's lost alot of what I like to call baby fat...:) He was starting to get a big belly and its almost gone. thats what 2 1/2 hours of hard football practice every single day will do to you:) changing to. I am suprised at him a little bit....he used to really like sports, and now he fights us about going to football at night. He is so focused on homework...he usually has at least 2 hours a night (honestly!!!) and is focused on keeping A's in all his classes. He's turning into a brainiac more then a sports guy. I knew he loved school always...but we truly didnt see this coming with losing interest in sports. His 5th grade teacher told us at conferences, last year that Adam is gonna be his class President someday....I totally see that coming.
Im headed out today to get the McCain/Palin signs that just came out...they are available at noon today, and I cant wait to put one in my yard! make sure you all get one of your own!
It's gonna be way too hot today...I want cold weather so badly, instead Im going out to mow...and sweat:( ew.
Hope all is well with those reading this...I hope Gods favor is with you all today!

Saturday, September 6, 2008


I dont know about you, but I occasionally have a hard time finding balance in my life. I tend to be an extreme person. By that I mean...when I meet someone I "click" with I want to talk about them, be with them, think about them all the time. Same goes for blogs I come across or new stores I find, or cleaning my house even. If I gonna clean ...then I usually will do EVERYTHING. have an extreme personality. It's either all or nothing with me the majority of the time.
I have a bible that is called "The EverydayLife Bible" and it has comments throughout by Joyce Meyer. I love Joyce Meyer...and so when I found this bible I had to have it:)
She writes passages throughout that are almost little mini stories. One I found today dealt with being an extreme type of person (ironic??) I wanted to write down what she wrote. Here it is:

A prudent person is balanced; He avoids extremes in the management of his life and faith. It seems to me, after many years of observation on the kingdom of GOd, people have a difficult time with balance. Ideas concerning the power of words, the mouth, confession, calling those things that be not, as though they are, and speaking things into existence, are examples of areas in which I have seen people move into extremes. It seems the flesh wants to live in a ditch on one side of the road or the other, but it has a difficult time staying in the middle of the highway between the lines of safety. We should speak positively about our lives and our futures. We should agree with what GOd says about us in his word. Our possession, but we should not ever think that we can have whatever we want just because we say it. We are to speak forth Gods word, not our carnal desires. Extremes are actually the devils playground. If he cannot get a believer to totally ignore a truth and live in deception, his next tactic will be to get him so one sided and out of balance with the truth that he is no better off then before. Sometimes, he is even worse off then before. Wisdom is a central theme of Gods word. As a matter of fact, there is no real victory without it and we are wise to remain balanced in our everyday lives.
Today we made the decision to put our cat down. We had him for about 5 1/2 years, and he was really an outdoor cat by choice...but, the last several months he got really mean...and there wasnt anything we could do with him anymore. You cant go giving a mean cat to a different family, so we really didnt have a choice. I took him out to my parents house after I got him from the vets office and my mom and I buried him together. Suprisingly enough, the kids are all totally fine with the whole thing which helped me alot!
Never made it to the farmers market today...darn it! I really wanted to go to look at their mum plants but~ they have another one on Wed. so I'll go to that.
Another cool thing I wanted to share....totally random, BUT: I have had the hardest time getting my tile grout in the kitchen back to it's light color like it was when we put it in....I had some companies come out and use steam...and a hot water vacuum thing, but when it didnt look like I wanted it to...I got online and googled a homemade clean grout. I found one that said to mix baking soda with hot water. I did it...and used that with a kitchen sink brush, and low and grout is totally white again!!!!! It did leave a film that took a few cleanings with just hot water to remove, but that wasnt a big deal. So if you need clean grout...try it:)

Friday, September 5, 2008

Father's Love Letter Main Page

Father's Love Letter Main Page

A simple school project...?

Ever have a morning where things are just wonderful? The kids all seem to have a glow about them, things go as planned, you make breakfast, backpacks are packed and ready to fly out the door, you kiss your kids goodbye and wave as they walk down the driveway!
THIS MORNING.....was not that kind of morning!
Im retracing my steps thinking where we went wrong...hmmm still not really sure.
For whatever reason, things went haywire today. The boys both happened to have a project at school already: they had to gather pictures and take them in...Adams pictures need to show his culture, and Jordans are suppose to be 4-5 pics of him "through the years" baby through now. simple enough right....BUT me, being way too controlling had to take over. Could I not just let my kids gather their own pictures....and move on!! OH NO.......I had to find just the right picture making sure they were the best pictures we had....their hair had to be perfect in each picture, lighting was great, I could go on...but you get the point. Tom (bless his heart) wanted to "help" so went downstairs and started gathering pictures in hopes to make this project go away...haha
He came up, and presented these pictures to me...OH NO! not one of them were nearly "good enough" for the boys to take to school! So I listen to McCain...on the couch and spend waaaay too long going through our pictures. Now that Im sitting back was a bit stupid:) The pictures Tom picked out....were fine. Why cant I let go....let go of the control I feel I have to have! uuuggghhh.
ok...getting back to the reason for the chaotic morning. The boys found a football picture from like 3 or 4 years ago...and it was a team photo. This photo I left out just to show them...cuz they looked so darn cute, and so small -as did all their friends . Little did I know this picture was going to be the cause of a fight. A fight that I was NOT in the mood for. They both wanted to take this picture to school and show their friends....Jordan is playing football now in 7th grade with probably 95% of those kids, and he was gonna pass it around at lunch. No big deal right. Adam wanted to do the same thing...he was also in the picture, and had about 3 friends that he wanted to show. Normally I get a handle on these situations...put a hault to it...we resolve, and move on. This morning though...I woke up with a nasty headache and just as I thought the argument was of them would bring it was never ending!!!!
The kids are gone....the house is quiet, my Ibuprofen is kicking in...and the football picture is sitting on the counter.
Lexi on the other hand....was wonderful, stayed quiet, ate her bagel and said bye mom! haha
Tonight were going to Boatwerks for dinner with my parents for my moms birthday! Im excited....It's my fav. restaurant and we always have fun with my parents! I think I know how to post pictures thats what Im going to try to accomplish today~ hope you all have a blessed day~
we'll talk soon Heather

Thursday, September 4, 2008

as promised...

I have been searching the good book, and even a couple others to find what Im going to post, and write on my chalk board door.
the bible is full of so many wonderful verses that really make you think.
Im sitting here in the living's 7:30 and the house is quiet! Tom is at football with Adam, Jordan is already showered and reading a book for school downstairs (he's LESS then thrilled!) and Lexi is upstairs getting things "situated" for school, this could take a while!! Tom and I are going to eat when he gets home, and the republican convention starts! Im sooooo excited to hear what John McCain is going to speak about! Palins speech was so amazing last night that I can only imagine what he's gonna bring tonight~ I know he wont let us down:)
I opened my bible tonight to search through it, and found myself in Proverbs. Lovin Proverbs! there are so many things I could write that I had to step back, and pick ONE. really hard.
Ok...I couldnt do it~ I picked two.
This first one really hit's really about not getting caught up in the moment, and making not so smart decisions. I myself, tend to live in the moment 99% of the time...
"walking in wisdom means making decisions today that you will be happy with tomorow"
thats so great isnt it!
This next one is the one going on my door. This is actually out of Matthew:
" No matter how right you think your heart is before the Lord, if you have pride, resentment, or anger in your spirit you cannot open your mouth without expressing those traits and emotions. Jesus said it is out of the abundance of the heart that your mouth speaks." (Matthew 12:34)
Talk about being a tad bit convicted! ouch! I feel like I always have resentment or something Im holding toward someone...I dont want to~ but it's so easy to get offended. Which I know is so wrong!!! With me it tends to stem more from something someone says...I spin it, and take it the wrong way. It's something I have always struggled with...
Im realizing that this blog may be an avenue for me to talk about a little counseling session! haha
Hope you dont mind...I would love to hear your input too!
we'll talk soon.....Heather

Just starting...hold on and enjoy the ride

Hey all my "peeps" Im so excited to get my new blog up and running....I know how much I love reading my friends blogs, and even strangers I thought..."why dont I have my own??"
Bear with me, as I start this new venture!

quote for the day...

Ok so, I have a really cool door in our home, that I sprayed chalkboard paint on. I try to keep cool quotes, sayings on this's painted on both sides so there are different sayings on both sides. Now that my kids are in school again ( wow, summer really went fast for us...did it for you???) I was saying now that they are all back in school...I want to put a great saying up on the door to make them all think , I mean really think about what they read~ you know, something to impact their minds. Im gonna get these quotes from the bible typically, thats where all the good stuff is:) so what I put on my door....I'll put on my blog. that will go up tonight or tomorrow when I find something fitting. Alot of times our pastor at Res Life will say something that I find myself writing down and putting in my bible. I laways have great intentions of using it for my door...but end up losing what I wrote down. haha such is life.
Hope your having a graceful day...this rain is so beautiful to me~ we needed it so desperately! I found myself thanking God all day for making it rain!
we'll talk soon, Heather

here we go!

Im so excited to get this blog going....I have so much to say!!!!
gotta get the hang of this whole thing, hope you check in with me often!