Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy turkey, mashed potaoes, green beans, apple pie day!!!!

I have been tossing and turning since about 4:30AM! ugh.
Guess thats what happens when turkey day is at your house:) It's ok though, I decided to get up at about 5:45...went in the kitchen and fired up the oven-might as well get this show goin!
Got the ole bird in the oven, made coffee, emptied the dishwasher, put my 3 loaves of bread out to "rise" and finished setting the table.
Since Im feeling a bit "ahead of the game" I thought...hmmm, maybe I should google some cool quiche' recipes?! So I did...and found one that I thought sounded soooo great! Im gonna post it for you all to enjoy, but I want to make it first and then ..IF it turns out as yum as I think it's gonna, I'll share it.
I hope you all have a beautiful Thanksgiving day with your families/friends...who ever your sharing it with!
Realize what your thankful for...I got a couple "e" cards frm friends and my sister in law...and they were really thoughtful. They said all the things they were thankful for...and I have read some on other friends blogs. Something inside told me to write down all things Im grateful for too:) Maybe writing it down, and seeing it visually will make us all see it's the little things that make the life we live so special.
Im grateful for:
a beautiful home to keep us sheltered
nice friendly neighbors that make us feel safe
the bus that picks my kids up for school
A GREAT school system
GODS grace that I need every single day
freedom to pray and go to church
healthy kids
healthy husband who loves unconditionally
good friends
my computer to stay in touch with relatives and friends
an abundance of food for my family

I could go on...but Im feeling pretty thankful:) I should do this everyday-!
love you all~

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

This...that...and Turkey!

The snow is disappearing. Makes me kinda sad...I had my house all decorated for fall- and then my little plan was interrupted by the snow. BUT...I went with it (ok...I had no choice) I took down all my corn stalks that I had so carefully placed outside on our pillars, disposed of all my white and orange pumpkins becaseu the poor little things froze, and it has been snowing since. It sounds though like it's done for a bit, and now it's raining ew! Everything is starting to look really bad. So, now Im stuck in that in between stage of no "fall" decor and I can't start Christmas yet. What is a girl to do. Im having Thanksgiving here on Thursday with my side of the family, and it would just be wierd to have Christmas stuff out. Oh well.things could be worse.:)
The kids are out of school for the rest of the week, today is the last day...(another reason snow would be good) I'll just have them help me clean the house ...everything has to be perfect! Candles burning, the house smelling like turkey you know the drill.
I said in one f my last entries that I was going to post some recipes. My brother emailed me and asked to put up a link to his e-news letter. It just happens that this news letter has lots of cool information, not only about banking and mortgages which is what he does (anyone needing a re-Fi or a new loan???) but it has RECIPES and other helpful stuff. I put the link to the news letter below. Make sure you check it out...I know you'll enjoy it.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

not be be confused...

Hi all...happy Sunday!
I changed my blog again...bear with me k! Im trying to find the exact design I want. I may have done it...finally. Just don't be confused when you check on me...and things always look different.
Were having a great day so far...the boys had their friend sleep over last night, and we all got up and went to church. We had been visiting a different church the last little while, and we really like it, but we all had to admit it felt good to be back at Rez today. You know that feeling- where it feels like you "came home" . We were planning on going to the new church today and my kids begged me to go back to Rez...they dont care for the new church so much...and they're a huge part of this decision:) The church we were visiting just doesnt have much to offer kids that are above like 11 or 12. They sit in the sanctuary with the parents and service is always 2 hours long. I love that about the church to be honest...the pastor is great...and it goes by fast, but when were at Rez, they go to a HUGE place geared for kids they here a sermon geared for them they are with kids that are all their age...they sing together, and then they hang out with teens with like minds...playing pool and mingling that way. I have a feeling were gonna stay at Rez.
Now the boys are out sledding...the snow is slowly going away:( Not for long...but it's a bit sunny here in west but still C-O-L-D !!!!!!!!!!
Next sunday we will be puuting our christmas tree up...typically thats when we do it...the first of's so fun...I make appetizer stuff, and we all drag the christmas stuff up...and the deco goes up:) Im sure the kids will say "we have to watch Elf" Their favorite movie! The one with Will's sooooo funny!
The holidays are so awesome arent they! Goin into a mall right now makes me crazy! All the Christmas music playing, the smells are so yummy!!! They lure you into buying stuff...hahaha you just cant help it right!?
I think Im gonna pop some good recipes up on my blog in the next few days, I have some really good ones...and Im willing to share:) hehe
Hope you have a great blessed and thankful!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

beautiful Florida beaches!

My babies.......spring break 2008 F-L-O-R-I-D-A

Jordan #53 football
makes my heart smile:)
and Jordan...#22 basketball.

GO 22!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Boys each brought home certificates for making honor roll for the first trimester! I couldnt find's here somewhere...and jordans certificate for football.

Tom and I and the kids went up to Silver Lake this summer and stayed a night with my brother and his family...they have a big ole' deluxe camper that they keep there in a very nice park...they actually had my kids like a whole week, and then we went one day to bring the troops home. We took a ride on the HUGE dune rides they have up there, and stopped on Lake Michigan for some "photo ops!" the baby above is my youngest niece nevaeh...she was just over a year in that picture. I snapped these of her playing in the water! so cute:)

Lexi and my parents AKA: Nana and Papa....taken at her 8th grade graduation in May 08'

Holland State Park 08'

Lex...being Lex

Adam (top) 6th grade
Jordan 7th grade

a little of this...a little of that:)

me eyes are really green...never realized!

2 new chairs...very "me" the pattern is so my taste! and again my kitchen table...decorated for f-a-l-l!!

I wish I could get my pictures to rotate...I try, and hit the "rotate" link but nothing happens. Oh well...just a pic of my cool kitchen rug!! haha


LEXI.....she made this dress in her fashion class! cute huh! She tried it on for us, and we thought we needed to get some pics of her first creation!

I got baking happy....think I went overboard:)

chairs....different angle. sorry you have to tilt your head to see them..


Talk about
I downoloaded all the pictures and put my first group up! I have alot more on my CD so now I can update more often. Somethin about pics with the update that just feel better to me:)
The snow has stopped for now, I think it's coming again though!? I actually think it looks kinda pretty! These pictures are outside my front door...and then looking outside into the backyard. The kids are outside sledding right now with friends! This is sooooo good for Jordan, that kid goes NUTS staying int he house! Adam is complaining that his throat hurts...(not great timing!) were having my family here for dinner on Thanksgiving. I would hate to have the "dominoe" effect ya know!
Tell me what you think of my new far theyre a hit! Tom and the kids all like them. We had this ginormous couch we got this past summer, and it just wasnt holding up. the cushions were getting way too soft for how new it was. They cam out and looked at it and agreed with me. SO the couch went back, and I had to then pick out something different. I went in for another couch...but since we have one in the living room already...a white leather couch...I thought maybe two chairs would be cool.

Friday, November 21, 2008

not just another trip to pay the cable bill....

The strangest thing happened yesterday. if you know me at'll laugh, this "situation" was like a car accident, I wanted to try to not listen...but I just COULD'NT!!!!!
I was standing in line at Charter, waiting to pay my cable bill. I notice in front of me, was another mom that I had met when Lexi was in 7th grade cheer. I had talked with her several times that season, very nice lady. She was always talking about her husband, kids we all do, but she lived in this world...that I dont live in. Her husband is an executive at some company...they took exotic trips, lived in a huge home, drove beautiful cars. the whole nine yards!
We looked at each other when I walked in the building, and at first I couldnt place her. She looked familiar...
it was her turn, up to the counter she went. She blurts out..."how much do I owe to get out cable and internet turned back on?" I thought.."what did she just say?????"
She could not have said what I think she just said. NO WAY. The girl looked at her and says " a minimum of $450.00" just to turn it back on. ugh. She then says "well, this is what happens to you when your husband has an affair, and moves in with his new girlfriend." at that point I realized that not only did she say what I thought she was much much worse. She goes on to give specific details about her husband ...his new girlfiend, and the mess she's in.
I was RIVETED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She left...I was in shock.
Talk about your pride going out the window! I would have never done that! Im way to full of pride...(which is sooo bad!!) I would tell close friends but not random people in a cable office. Yet...I was fascinated by her being able to do that. There was another lady behind me...her and I were looking at each other with our mouths open like "WOW!!!!!!!"
I truly left feeling bad for this lady though. She was never the braggie type you know...she would tell me about their trips and dinner parties ...and the fur coats her husband bought her, but I never got the feeling she was showing off. It's just who she was.
She left the office and pulled out in a little car....lets just's something you would give your 16 year old as their first car. Nothing wrong with it for the most part, was shocking to see.
My point here isnt to gossip. None of you know this lady. I just want you all to realize that no matter how hard things are at home, financially or whatever...count your blessings! Sometimes we look at other people and things look so good from the outside...Ive looked at people before and thought.."their life must be so perfect!" Im sure we all have.
Be careful, who you look at, and wish you could trade lives with! You never know whats going on...inside their walls

Thursday, November 13, 2008


Lexi is the blonde....and her friends are the two brunettes. Lexi is now a brunette again too. with highlights. Is this too much to keep straight???? haha

go Nov. 4th, if you will

Goin back in time...just a week or so, to election night. Dooms day as I like to refer to it. haha
I worked the polls on the morning of Nov 4th...which ended up being a riot! I worked side by side with a lady that I had met a few times, and she was very funny and kept things interesting:) Our family was invited to the Republican party that night to usher in John McCain and Sarah Palin. uh oh.
ANYWAY...Our congressman Pete Hoekstra was there, Adam ended up getting his picture taken with him! If you know'll know he was on cloud 9!!! I think he's a congressman in the making, and Tom actually told Mr. Hoekstra that. It was kinda corny...but he laughed.
They had a nice dinner and drinks, wine, beer you name it! They spared no expense. We really didnt stay long, but it was really fun to experience the whole night. Lexi as you can see from the picture...was "thrilled" yeh...thats her talking to friends on her cell. Thats 14 1/2 for ya.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

great night...all around:)

Just had to update...before I go hit the snoozeum! Lexi made the freshman competetive cheer team, and Jordan made some points tonight in their big game:) He did incredible, and they won 48-13!!!! ouch!
now...GO TO BED! (that means you...)

if it's not one's a cord! ugh...

ok...I got my new blog all figured out. another thing to cross off my list!! I also got all my painting done. I am so excited I could scream! Im so happy with the outcome of this turned out exactly how I wanted. I really wanna take some pictures to show off my skills (haha) but now...I cant find the cord that is suppopse to connect my camera to the computer. I talked to a friend of mine and she said for now...just take all my pictures to like walgreens, and have them put on a disk, and put the disk in my computer...and that way, I can get them on here! blogs are so much better with pictures.
I also got Jordans pics of his first basketball game! He did so was his first game ever...he said when he first got out there, he felt like his knees were gonna give out on him...they were shaking sooo bad. aw. They ended up losing their game though, the other team had a 7th grader that was 6'3" and over 200 pounds. hardly fair right!!! The kid was HUGE! I think he scored half of the other teams one could guard him.
He has another game tonight which were giong to in just a bit here...hopefully they will have a better chance against tonights team...and there will be no 6 '3" KIDS:)
by the way ......I need to lose weight...I feel like Im porkin up. any ideas. OTHER then exercise??? haha
Goin to walgreens after the get my disk, then work on posting these pics. pray for me. LOL

Sunday, November 9, 2008

YIKES...been a while!

whew. It has been a long time, since I posted. I think I got out of the mood, because I thought my blog was really LAME!
I figured out all on my own how to create a new look that Im pretty happy with:) tell me what you think! I even managed to find this picture of Lexi and post it. I amaze myself...for being such a techno-idiot!!!
Things have been going well, considering what happened on Nov4th. ugh. Im not gonna say anything other then that. a big ugh...even though I really wanna rant. I wont.
We have been going to a different church lately that I really like- The pastor is great, very passionate about his people, and loves GOD sooo much. We all have been enjoying it, it's called Wellspring! Anyway today the pastor talked about the election a tiny bit and basically said, that we have to pray for our new President-elect, Obama. For "such a time as this" God has placed him in this spot. Our new President. If any of you study End Times prophesy, you know what Im getting at. I really wish I knew more. I dont, but I KNEW what he was saying.
We as a nation have to stand behind this guy and support him. That does not mean though that you have to believe everything he says....stay true to your core's all gonna be ok. :)
Our friends Lori and Eric attend Wellspring too, the actually got us to attend the first time. Now were hooked:) Eric has ALS, and has been officially diagnosed for about a year and a half. They've gone through alot...more then I'll ever be able to understand. Alot of their day to day things that I take for granted is affected by ALS. Eric is now in a wheelchair, and unable to use his hands at all, nor can he walk anymore. It's strange to watch someone that you have known for such a long time, go through this. Eric left today for Washington...and was able to take their 11 year old son with him. Two men fromt heir church are taking him, bless their hearts!! Lori is kinda on "vacation" now since the day to day caring for Eric is being done by others. Please keep them in your prayers's a really tough disease to live with....and as of now, Im truly not sure who it's harder for, the person living with it, or the person that is the caretaker.
We actually had snow today! AND one of our radio stations is now playing christmas music all the time (I admit...tooooo early) but...I like to tune in now and then, and sing a tune of silver bells ya know!!!
Jordan made the basket ball team for 7th grade! I heard that there were about 33 kids that went out for the team and like 13 made it. WOW...he's been chattin with my brother ...AKA: Uncle Jason, to ask him some pointers, or talk to him about different positions, that kinda stuff. Knowing that Uncle Jas was a former high school star:) Tomorrow night is his first game....we'll see how it goes. I will be sure to post pics!!!!
Lexi starts competetive cheer tryouts On monday too after school. Supposedly it's a week long tryout, but she doesnt think it'll end up taking that long. I'll be sure to post later this week when we find out if she made it:) Lets keep our little fingers (& toes) crossed.
And Adam...nothing. His only event this week is a big birthday party/sleepover Friday night for one of his buddies. The parents are taking all the boys to some cool place, where they cook everything in front of you. Being "only" in 6th grade, sports havent started yet. (thank goodness)
ok...gotta go, Imwhipped and I have LOTS to do tomorrow. gotta paint our new computer room, the kids bathroom, and 2 walls in our master bedroom. Im tired just thinking about it!!!