Thursday, November 13, 2008

go Nov. 4th, if you will

Goin back in time...just a week or so, to election night. Dooms day as I like to refer to it. haha
I worked the polls on the morning of Nov 4th...which ended up being a riot! I worked side by side with a lady that I had met a few times, and she was very funny and kept things interesting:) Our family was invited to the Republican party that night to usher in John McCain and Sarah Palin. uh oh.
ANYWAY...Our congressman Pete Hoekstra was there, Adam ended up getting his picture taken with him! If you know'll know he was on cloud 9!!! I think he's a congressman in the making, and Tom actually told Mr. Hoekstra that. It was kinda corny...but he laughed.
They had a nice dinner and drinks, wine, beer you name it! They spared no expense. We really didnt stay long, but it was really fun to experience the whole night. Lexi as you can see from the picture...was "thrilled" yeh...thats her talking to friends on her cell. Thats 14 1/2 for ya.

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Chelle said...

Look how happy and proud he is!

You're right--you have a future congressman on your hands :)

You and your family are beautiful, honey!