Friday, September 26, 2008

what a night!

We had the best time we have had in a while last night! WOW!
Not sure who reading this has ever seen Sandy Patti live....but I had the opportunity last night...she came to Christ Memorial church for a live concert...and she was well worth going to! I cried countless time, laughed, and saw old friends that it was sooo goood to see:)
Tom and I along with my parents went to see her together and I think I speak for us all when I say it was truly a blessing:) She has a voice that to me isnt even's competely of mom made the comment when she was singing that she thinks this is what heaven will sound like:) It was just that good! The choir from Christ Memorial were there too and they did a great was really cool...although Sandi has this voice that if you can even imagine...she drowned out their choir all by herself...I almost couldnt hear them at all. They looked really neat was a nicely put together concert! If you ever wanna hear "Via-Delarosa" sung like it's being sung by angels...get her CD!
Today Tom is off work once more...he has been having Fridays off now because he can only work 40 hours...and he gets those in in 4 days easily! So today he is doing some running around...he's frustrated...were in the same boat as lots of people out there...and this is a first for us..he has been at the same company for about 13 years, and has always had at least 50 hours minimum each week...but the norm was really about 65. and that overtime was great! this 40 hours a week...not so good.
The kids are all going to the west ottawa football game tonight at home vs. Grand Haven...and they are all looking so forward to it, maybe Tom and I will go too, it's usually really fun seeing other parents there and people we went to high school with...:)
Im really trying to keep a positive attitude toward things and not let satan get that foothold in my life. He as he always "whispers" things in my ear that I DO NOT want to hear. "how are you guys gonna make it???" you know that sort of thing. I know though that GOD is running our lives...Sandi had a really great analogy last night about just that. She talked about how she grew up in California near Disneyland. She would go...and walk form venue to venue listening to the different little musicals they perform all day every day. Her dream was to work there..performing, singing, when she was old enough. When the time came she auditioned, and felt good about it. she waitied and waited anxiously for the letter to come accepting her into the cast at Disney. Well...that letter came and she was rejected. They said "we cannot use you at this time" and she talks about being devastated. that was her dream. she put all her eggs in that disnleyland basket so to say. she went on to say...that although she didnt know, or understand at the time why God didnt help her get that "perfect" job, she accepted it. She knows why now, as do I. He had something so much greater for her...that she couldnt see. He always does...we dont know why sometimes...things happen like they do. We all have times where nothing in our carnal minds makes sense. We dont see the big picture. God always has plans mapped out for his people- dont ever lose sight of that:)
I am finally getting some pictures put up on my sight next sister is coming into town to go to my moms, and she is going to give me her assistance. yeh!
"In the reverent and worshipful fear of the Lord there is strong confidence, and his children shall always have a place of refuge" Proverbs 14:26

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Chelle said...

Aw, thanks!

I got mine done by Krystyn at Krizzy Designs. On the left side of my blog there's a button that says Krizzy Designs and it takes you to her site. It wasn't very expensive at all! And she did it soooo fast! Let her know I sent you if you decide to go to her. There are more "blog designers" out there, too! Let me know what ya think :)

I hope you have a fab weekend!

xoxo, chelle