Friday, September 5, 2008

A simple school project...?

Ever have a morning where things are just wonderful? The kids all seem to have a glow about them, things go as planned, you make breakfast, backpacks are packed and ready to fly out the door, you kiss your kids goodbye and wave as they walk down the driveway!
THIS MORNING.....was not that kind of morning!
Im retracing my steps thinking where we went wrong...hmmm still not really sure.
For whatever reason, things went haywire today. The boys both happened to have a project at school already: they had to gather pictures and take them in...Adams pictures need to show his culture, and Jordans are suppose to be 4-5 pics of him "through the years" baby through now. simple enough right....BUT me, being way too controlling had to take over. Could I not just let my kids gather their own pictures....and move on!! OH NO.......I had to find just the right picture making sure they were the best pictures we had....their hair had to be perfect in each picture, lighting was great, I could go on...but you get the point. Tom (bless his heart) wanted to "help" so went downstairs and started gathering pictures in hopes to make this project go away...haha
He came up, and presented these pictures to me...OH NO! not one of them were nearly "good enough" for the boys to take to school! So I listen to McCain...on the couch and spend waaaay too long going through our pictures. Now that Im sitting back was a bit stupid:) The pictures Tom picked out....were fine. Why cant I let go....let go of the control I feel I have to have! uuuggghhh.
ok...getting back to the reason for the chaotic morning. The boys found a football picture from like 3 or 4 years ago...and it was a team photo. This photo I left out just to show them...cuz they looked so darn cute, and so small -as did all their friends . Little did I know this picture was going to be the cause of a fight. A fight that I was NOT in the mood for. They both wanted to take this picture to school and show their friends....Jordan is playing football now in 7th grade with probably 95% of those kids, and he was gonna pass it around at lunch. No big deal right. Adam wanted to do the same thing...he was also in the picture, and had about 3 friends that he wanted to show. Normally I get a handle on these situations...put a hault to it...we resolve, and move on. This morning though...I woke up with a nasty headache and just as I thought the argument was of them would bring it was never ending!!!!
The kids are gone....the house is quiet, my Ibuprofen is kicking in...and the football picture is sitting on the counter.
Lexi on the other hand....was wonderful, stayed quiet, ate her bagel and said bye mom! haha
Tonight were going to Boatwerks for dinner with my parents for my moms birthday! Im excited....It's my fav. restaurant and we always have fun with my parents! I think I know how to post pictures thats what Im going to try to accomplish today~ hope you all have a blessed day~
we'll talk soon Heather

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Niki said...

That so sounds like you, the picture thing, control, everything perfect! Thats funny!

Have fun at Boatworks tonight!