Wednesday, September 24, 2008

a good night:)

Is it ever gonna cool off? Good grief!! Yesterday was a hot one again-it would be lovely if it would cool off to oh myabe 65 or so....yep that would be PERFECT:)
Last night was f-ball practice for Adam but it didnt really go as planned. He came home from school and started in with saying his stomach was "killing" him. He has developed this habit each night that he has practice (because he doesnt wanna go) he comes down with an ailment of some sort. The boy got to me. If he hates this sport that much...goodness, can we just be done with it pleeeez! I had had enough of hearing him tell me how much he didnt want to go, so I said.."fine, dont go anymore...but is it fair to quit and leave your team high and dry?" He said yes. Not the answer I wanted. I left it in Toms hands from there. He was a bit unhappy...being the sport guy he is, he in fact didnt think it was ok for him to leave his team without their center. ugh.
Tom made Adam call his coach and explain why he didnt want to play anymore. Now we are talking rocket football, not the major league. But then you cant help but think to yourself that your setting him up in life to be a quitter. :(
All of these issues played in my head last night, and I decided that you have to take a different approach with each kid. Adam happens to actually not be typically that kind of person in life, a quitter. He is very determined, and finishes what he starts. He just happens to like school more then f-ball right we allowed him to focus on that.
Lex had powder puff last night...and LOVED it. Her "coach" is actually a boy another freshman that she has had a love-fest for since school started. Im sure that helps. haha
She said it was sooo much fun, brought back memories for me for sure! I know people say this all the time, but I feel like those times were just yesterday!
Not sure whats on tap for today...Im really wanting to get pictures put on this blog...I dinked with it yesterday but because Im computer stupid I didnt figure it out. Im not gonna give up...I'll get it.
Im also gonna start putting up deco ideas...I hit someones blog yesterday and she was unreal! A real life Martha Stewart living in Grand Rapids...she took pics of her kids perfectly put together lunches that she prepared...complete with cherry tomatoes, carrots, yogurt, peanut butter "sushi" wraps!!!!!! WHAT!!!!!!!???? yep...she took a grain bread, flattened it out with a rolling pin, spread peanut butter on it...and wrapped it up like a sushi roll. and this lunch was prepared in a tupppware looking container with 4 perfectly positioned holders she bought that looked like rubber cupcake wrappers. you know the paper you put in the cupcake pan to bake them in??? they were those only rubber. This was the perfect lunch. I feel so inferior!!! haha This woman also says how she just "whipped up" a girls fort one night when her 2 girls were sleeping, she sowed this tee-pee looking tent that was hot pink, from the ceiling to the floor...complete with window coverings...etc. it was soooo cute! She just "whipped this thing up!!!" yeh. She had it all prepared int he morning for them when they woke up. It was soooooo dang cute! she's now my hero. haha
Im a bit influential that way, when I saw Sarah Palin for the first time, I wanted to go out and get cool glasses and extensions in my hair and whip it back in a cute sarah hair bun....:)
I hope you all have a great day. My daughter came up with this quote that I thought was really great. Not that she thought of it..she may have seen it somewhere Im not sure....but regardless the quote says:

"Dont make someone a priority, when they make you an option"


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Mum said...

I just adore the completness of hand making packed lunches, weather it be thick stacked hoagies with home made cup cakes, or cookies, fruit that we went and picked, or thermos' with hot homemade soup in them. What glorious memories. Big gigantic breakfast every morning, with my little linen table cloth and orange juice in flutted glasses. Wonderful memories. Still to this day, love all the ends tied up like that.
I'm so happy Adam doesn't have to dread having practice all day. It's a horrible feeling, having something looming over your head..and it can colour your every breath. Some kids just aren't interested in the sport of the month. His strength is academic, and he will always shine scholastically. Class Prez, or student council...that will be his forte.....Jord will be the sportaholic....his little nitch because of his triple type A disposition.
Awh----Lex in Powder puff....goodnightnurse, how I can hear, the sounds of teenagers giggling dancing and enjoying the free spirit those years bring. I am tickled torquoise she's so loving her freshman year....Huge....and you only pass this way, one time....
Precious moments, Marinate in them, cleave to the sounds sights and smells, for all to quickly, they trickle through the hour glass of time. Keep updating the's a purging cleansing living diary....xoxo