Thursday, September 4, 2008

quote for the day...

Ok so, I have a really cool door in our home, that I sprayed chalkboard paint on. I try to keep cool quotes, sayings on this's painted on both sides so there are different sayings on both sides. Now that my kids are in school again ( wow, summer really went fast for us...did it for you???) I was saying now that they are all back in school...I want to put a great saying up on the door to make them all think , I mean really think about what they read~ you know, something to impact their minds. Im gonna get these quotes from the bible typically, thats where all the good stuff is:) so what I put on my door....I'll put on my blog. that will go up tonight or tomorrow when I find something fitting. Alot of times our pastor at Res Life will say something that I find myself writing down and putting in my bible. I laways have great intentions of using it for my door...but end up losing what I wrote down. haha such is life.
Hope your having a graceful day...this rain is so beautiful to me~ we needed it so desperately! I found myself thanking God all day for making it rain!
we'll talk soon, Heather

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Mum said...

ok--well my little blogin'bouncin' beauty----won't you just be all busy with this now...You need to learn how to do video's so we can make funnies...Nothing is more hilarious, then when we laugh our outragious sappy silly selves, and can't stop---Next thing you know they will beg us to come on Letterman...You know how they are..
If you need any quotes, tag me, cuz I have a passel of them...Thats the deal, so for now, I leave you with....
Now---gosh, guess who???