Tuesday, September 23, 2008

credit crisis...I need to rant a bit...

Oh boy. I watched Oprah today. Told myself I wasnt going to watch her anymore due to some things that I have been learning about her, things I have been told by our pastor at church clips he has played about her talking about Jesus Christ not being the only way to Heaven. I got sucked in...because she had Suzie Orman on..(not a fan of her either really...she scares me!) anyway...they are talking about the whole downfall that is going on with the credit crunch. This world is going crazy! They brought up a GREAT point. People my age (36) or around my age...are making purchases whether that come in the form of cars, homes, clothes, etc...that they CANNOT afford. We all want to put on this front to make other people THINK that we are high rollers...and "oh look how great were doing over here!" Its all so true! I have come to this conclusion....IM OVER IT!!!! No one is doing themselves any favors by buying things they cant afford. It might feel good now, to get all these new things...but it's just not worth it.
When I was small, I remember my parents and our neighbors all growing gardens and hanging clothes out on the line to dry...driving cars that were not exactly "showroom" if you know what I mean. My mom made some of my clothes, canned fruit and veggies, made meals at home..and wasnt able to just go out and buy all this crap that people now days do. We are all sucked up into this trap. You had to earn things back then...you SAVED up for a car...you SAVED up for school clothes you didnt just buy buy buy buy because your beady little eyes wanted something.
My generation doesnt live this way. Myself included...Im certainly not picking on anyone! Im so guilty. I know people that are 25 years old...and they are living in homes that are $450,000 and it's there first home!!!!!!!!!! what the heck! You know why they do? because they are extended beyond anything anyone can imagine...they have beautiful clothes, gorgeous cars...and it all looks so good! what is going on behind closed doors? This whole trend is disgusting....we all need to put things in order of importance RIGHT NOW....she just said on TV that we are in a cash economy now...if you have great credit....doesnt matter...no one is giving out loans. Use this time to pay off your loans....dont purchase things you cannot afford. To me, the word :afford" is having a whole new meaning. The word now to me means...you have no debt, your bills are paid...and you can go to target and get that new rug...or whatever you may want. If you have unpaid bills...or credit cards you have no right (my opinion) to go buy anything extra. Stop living in your flesh...who cares what people think of you right!? If it means your sanity...your marriage...your happiness, stop buying, and just say NO...Im not putting my families happiness in jeapordy because I WANT something new. It's just so stupid!
I dont mean to have a negative tone here...but this whole world to me is just gone nuts! We have to take a step back and stop trying to impress people with our stuff. no one cares.


mum said...

There is something so unique and sweet, about soft easy days, of kids playing in the yard, dinner around a table, that Mum actually cooked. Fresh sheets that blew in the Lake Michigan breezes, on your bed. A family united, with love and linked with memories and living life at large. It wasn't about 'buying', it was about, thankfulness for what we had. I loved, nothing more, than canning pears and peaches, making jams, and perserving veggies for my family. I loved and still 'love', cleaning, baking and cooking for my loved ones. I adored walks in my woods, on the beach shore with the soft gentle waves, lapping at my ankles, as my kids did cartwheels down the beach, and ole' Hershey boy fetched logs from the rolling waves. Each time I had a mornings of ironing kids clothes, preparing kids breakfast, at 4 A.M., or being their biggest fan at a game...It made my mum's heart swell to killer size. Life is so remarkable, when you have to work and toil, in little baby steps, to get that which your heart longs for. Christ G-d, brings you through and out the other side. How Sweet is the look back, in your rear view mirror, knowing, it was a long journey, but now, stronger, and wiser, and so thankful. Memories are not about, things, or purchases, or vacations or having the biggest home on the block. It is about, bed time stories, meals fixed by mum, Dad devoting his life to his family, kids memories in a yard with friends, picnics, and holidays, and meals, that mum makes. Little lunches packed with love and a note of encouragement, going to church, because, discipline and doing right, forms strong character in life. The love that is never ending from parents that adore you. Being tucked in at night, with rosy cheeks, a full belly, and knowing, you will awake tomorrow, cared for, loved, and cherished...
Your biggest fan, oxoxoxox

Niki said...

It's crazy out there. I have never been one to keep up with the Jonses, or act like we have more money than we do. If anything I feel like I'm very fourthcoming when we are broke, which is most of the time. But we to fell into the cretid crisis. We got a home we NEVER should have gone after or gotten approved for. Turned our world upside down. Bush spoke on it last night, the financial crisis. It is terrible that the economy is in such a state right now. But part of me was almost relieve to hear his address. I know so many people for so long have thought Keith and I were lazy loosers when we got in trouble with the house and 'claimed' we couldn't find work. I almost felt vindicated, if that makes any sence. I'm glad you realized this epidemic and won't be a victime to it anymore. I truly don't care if we live in a trailer on a peice of land, if it's ours, it will be home.

Chelle said...

First thank you so much for coming by my blog! I am going to follow yours...there is nothing boring at all! I love your writing!

Second...I SO agree with you. What happened to the simpler times? Growing your own veggies, doing yard work as a family, hanging clothes up to dry...playing outside, cooking a home cooked meal, playing games as a family. It's like it has all disappeared.

Flew out the window. Gone.

But I agree with you 100%. And that is why I am determined to raise Isabella how I was raised...being thankful, working hard and not taking anything for granted. How did homes and cars and electronics replace the real things that are important in life??

Sorry this was a post! Lol! It's just that I feel so strongly on this like you do. You are right--we would so get along! Lol!