Saturday, September 6, 2008


I dont know about you, but I occasionally have a hard time finding balance in my life. I tend to be an extreme person. By that I mean...when I meet someone I "click" with I want to talk about them, be with them, think about them all the time. Same goes for blogs I come across or new stores I find, or cleaning my house even. If I gonna clean ...then I usually will do EVERYTHING. have an extreme personality. It's either all or nothing with me the majority of the time.
I have a bible that is called "The EverydayLife Bible" and it has comments throughout by Joyce Meyer. I love Joyce Meyer...and so when I found this bible I had to have it:)
She writes passages throughout that are almost little mini stories. One I found today dealt with being an extreme type of person (ironic??) I wanted to write down what she wrote. Here it is:

A prudent person is balanced; He avoids extremes in the management of his life and faith. It seems to me, after many years of observation on the kingdom of GOd, people have a difficult time with balance. Ideas concerning the power of words, the mouth, confession, calling those things that be not, as though they are, and speaking things into existence, are examples of areas in which I have seen people move into extremes. It seems the flesh wants to live in a ditch on one side of the road or the other, but it has a difficult time staying in the middle of the highway between the lines of safety. We should speak positively about our lives and our futures. We should agree with what GOd says about us in his word. Our possession, but we should not ever think that we can have whatever we want just because we say it. We are to speak forth Gods word, not our carnal desires. Extremes are actually the devils playground. If he cannot get a believer to totally ignore a truth and live in deception, his next tactic will be to get him so one sided and out of balance with the truth that he is no better off then before. Sometimes, he is even worse off then before. Wisdom is a central theme of Gods word. As a matter of fact, there is no real victory without it and we are wise to remain balanced in our everyday lives.
Today we made the decision to put our cat down. We had him for about 5 1/2 years, and he was really an outdoor cat by choice...but, the last several months he got really mean...and there wasnt anything we could do with him anymore. You cant go giving a mean cat to a different family, so we really didnt have a choice. I took him out to my parents house after I got him from the vets office and my mom and I buried him together. Suprisingly enough, the kids are all totally fine with the whole thing which helped me alot!
Never made it to the farmers market today...darn it! I really wanted to go to look at their mum plants but~ they have another one on Wed. so I'll go to that.
Another cool thing I wanted to share....totally random, BUT: I have had the hardest time getting my tile grout in the kitchen back to it's light color like it was when we put it in....I had some companies come out and use steam...and a hot water vacuum thing, but when it didnt look like I wanted it to...I got online and googled a homemade clean grout. I found one that said to mix baking soda with hot water. I did it...and used that with a kitchen sink brush, and low and grout is totally white again!!!!! It did leave a film that took a few cleanings with just hot water to remove, but that wasnt a big deal. So if you need clean grout...try it:)


Mum said...

I saw Pokie boy, laying in his box..I was happy he wasn't tormented any longer. He couldn't help his pyscho mind...and now, he is just sleeping, like animals do. As we buried him, with late summer rains softly falling on our skin, it was a gentle day, with billowing skies, to put him to rest under the silhouette of the giant pine trees. He's not alone, dozen's of our families pets, are resting at the edge of the peaceful side of Quincy Street Hills.
I want to thank you, my sweet Daughter, for all you did for my birthday...My frig is decorated with many lovely, thoughtful sweet charming, life keeper cards, from your heart to mine.. I will adore, enjoy and think of "YOU", while having my luxury and Tom gave me...One of my favorite guilty pleasures in this world. I loved having dinner with you two at Boatwerks, for, it makes life sweet, when you spend it with hearts that link. How blessed and how love, you make me feel. I just wanted you to know, how much I will relish, marinate on and in, and cherish the things you did for me. Days from now, I will run the tips of my fingers over your cards that stradle my frig door, I will peak inside and review the words you pen, the thoughts, and the sentiment, I will smile..and ask G-d to bless you. Your heart, inner twined with mine, forever..sleep tight, and I couldn't love you more...xoxoxo

Anonymous said...

Hey There,
Just reading your blog and thinking of you. You could write a book someday. I'm sorry about your cat, but sounds like you are all doing OK with it thankfully. Hope you are all having a good week now that the rain has stopped and we are having beautiful fall weather!!
Did you figure out the pics yet?