Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Im back...

Well...I've been gone a while! Time flies huh!
I was so excited to finally have my own blog, and was pumped to get my new entries in~ and then I kinda had a little pitty party for myself thinking " no one is even reading my blog, why am I doing this?" I had a few loyals but I wanted to be the popular blogger....like the feeling you have when your in high school and have to be in the popular group. You know the feeling right??? It's been 18 years this past June, since I graduated from west ottawa! I cannot believe this! Im getting more wrinkles just thinking about that statistic.
My sister wrote me this morning and asked me why Im not posting to the blog anymore, after I answered her back, she said to use it as a diary of sorts....so here I am. point taken.
I ran into a guy I used to go to high school with at the paint store this past weekend...Dan Kender...he was the "cool guy" in high school. He's now a holland police officer...it was so good to see him! My ego was boosted a bit because he actually recognized me right away, he came up to me, and said "hey Heather...oh my gosh it's been so long!" I could not believe he recognized me! I had long, platinum...drugstore dyed blonde hair all through high school, and I was skinny! And now...well...shorter hair...darker..and Im .......hmm, the skinny thing~ not so much.
I wanted to hug him for knowing who I was! Nothing is more humiliating then when you see someone from back in the day...and you know them and they give you the look of..."whats your name again?" ugh.
Tom got his hours cut at work...for the first time ever. Im on the verge of crying:(
We all know the song and dance about the economy being so rough right now...but up to this point it really had not effected us. In a way it'sa good thing (thats a wierd thing to say huh!) I say that because it gives me more compassion toward others who are struggling. If it doesnt affect you personally, typically people dont care about it. I had a bad weekend...worrying, fear set in....(thats totally of God right!) no.
But...I have been praying and talking toGod, and he has covered me with a peace that has truly blanketed me. thats the only thing it could be...God giving me peace! Im so thankful.
Lexi is having the best time this year being a freshman...she's had lets see....a couple boyfriends come and go...and has made so many friends already ...alot of them come from not only meeting new girls and guys...but reconnecting with old friends. She is happy...content....strong (way more then I was at that age!!!!) secure, confident, and turning itno a young woman. Im so proud of her. She seems to have a head on her shoulders that is beyond her age. She's getting ready to play powder puff football for homecoming week and is having waaay too much fun! haha We finally broke down and got her a cell phone, it came UPS and Tom was outside when it came and came walking in the house, holding a box...she was sitting at the counter and said "whats that???" He grinned and said Im not sure, something that say "razor" and it's hot pink...hhhmmm....
she instantly knew...and screamed ...and then cried! wow...I didnt see that coming!
Just to share a bit with you about her...Lexi had the most awesome elem. school years. She was very excited for middle school, but when she got there she just didnt fit. Im still not sure why. She claims it's because she was a dork~ I never saw it. She left and went to calvary and didnt fit there either. Then went to Zeeland for 8th grade....she did great scholastically and friend wise...ummm, made a few.
We decided that school is the same no matter where you go....you cant escape the mean girls...they are everywhere! I could go on and on, but long story short...she's back at west ottawa, and it's wonderful! She does a bit better with older kids...and loves hanging out with guys...she's says there not "catty" like girls. hahaha I have to agree.
Jordan is awesome ...he is changing and growing and acting a bit more mature. He still has his ADD moments. Not that he has ever been diagnosed with ADD (I wouldnt allow it!) but...he still doesnt have alot of sit in him. He is playing football for 7th grade and could not possibly love it more! He's actually bummed when practice is over at night...he's lost alot of what I like to call baby fat...:) He was starting to get a big belly and its almost gone. thats what 2 1/2 hours of hard football practice every single day will do to you:)
Adam...is changing to. I am suprised at him a little bit....he used to really like sports, and now he fights us about going to football at night. He is so focused on homework...he usually has at least 2 hours a night (honestly!!!) and is focused on keeping A's in all his classes. He's turning into a brainiac more then a sports guy. I knew he loved school always...but we truly didnt see this coming with losing interest in sports. His 5th grade teacher told us at conferences, last year that Adam is gonna be his class President someday....I totally see that coming.
Im headed out today to get the McCain/Palin signs that just came out...they are available at noon today, and I cant wait to put one in my yard! make sure you all get one of your own!
It's gonna be way too hot today...I want cold weather so badly, instead Im going out to mow...and sweat:( ew.
Hope all is well with those reading this...I hope Gods favor is with you all today!

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Niki said...

Some people say it's a myth that the economy is bad, but it is bad, the people that say it isn't are just fortunate to have it not effect them yet. They should count their blessings rather than point fingers and say everyone else is so misguided.
You guys will make it through, stength prevails. This will be a blessing in disguise, since Tom will now have more time for the family.
I know, believe me, that worried feeling though.
What boyfreinds has Lexi had come n' go, Jerry go bye-bye?
I'm shocked about Adam too, but he will probably be sucessful all his days, sports only takes one so far. Maybe that's easy for me to hope for though since Ty isn't into sports himself, maybe never will be?!?!?
Your family will be in my prays, I'm certain God will provide!