Thursday, September 4, 2008

as promised...

I have been searching the good book, and even a couple others to find what Im going to post, and write on my chalk board door.
the bible is full of so many wonderful verses that really make you think.
Im sitting here in the living's 7:30 and the house is quiet! Tom is at football with Adam, Jordan is already showered and reading a book for school downstairs (he's LESS then thrilled!) and Lexi is upstairs getting things "situated" for school, this could take a while!! Tom and I are going to eat when he gets home, and the republican convention starts! Im sooooo excited to hear what John McCain is going to speak about! Palins speech was so amazing last night that I can only imagine what he's gonna bring tonight~ I know he wont let us down:)
I opened my bible tonight to search through it, and found myself in Proverbs. Lovin Proverbs! there are so many things I could write that I had to step back, and pick ONE. really hard.
Ok...I couldnt do it~ I picked two.
This first one really hit's really about not getting caught up in the moment, and making not so smart decisions. I myself, tend to live in the moment 99% of the time...
"walking in wisdom means making decisions today that you will be happy with tomorow"
thats so great isnt it!
This next one is the one going on my door. This is actually out of Matthew:
" No matter how right you think your heart is before the Lord, if you have pride, resentment, or anger in your spirit you cannot open your mouth without expressing those traits and emotions. Jesus said it is out of the abundance of the heart that your mouth speaks." (Matthew 12:34)
Talk about being a tad bit convicted! ouch! I feel like I always have resentment or something Im holding toward someone...I dont want to~ but it's so easy to get offended. Which I know is so wrong!!! With me it tends to stem more from something someone says...I spin it, and take it the wrong way. It's something I have always struggled with...
Im realizing that this blog may be an avenue for me to talk about a little counseling session! haha
Hope you dont mind...I would love to hear your input too!
we'll talk soon.....Heather


Anonymous said...

Go Sarah/John--------regardless of the left bias...G-d is in control and in that...........we trust.........Hallelujah

Anonymous said...

Hey Bloggin' girl!!
Love your quotes from the Bible. Also love your door. I may steal that idea some day! Love your blog and I love you!! I will get you posting pictures in no time. Not sure about videos yet. I know Brian does them in Youtube first and then posts the link!! Have a good night!

Niki said...

I love spiritual and motivational quotes! You first one is a lot like one I have on by blog! Different words but the same message! I want to have all my favorite ones framed and hung all over my house someday... maybe hanging around the kids necks too! We all needs reminders daily!
Nobody is perfect, your right, were just forgiven!
Your favorite sister!